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Free Resources

Welcome to HealthPad's free resources. We hope you will find them helpful - just download and print for your use.


Guidance Cards

We’ve created a table of words for guidance/inspiration for you to print out and use (image shown below).  These can be cut out as cards, and placed in a small box or bag. Click on this link to access and print.  How you use them is up to you. Participants on one of HealthPad’s recent yoga and well-being courses - without looking first - took a card out of the bag, looked at the word, then replaced the card.  In the morning meditation session, they would focus on the word they had picked, and keep it in their mind to guide their thoughts and actions throughout the day. We have left a few lines blank at the bottom of the table so that you can add any other 
words that have a particular meaning for you.


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