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About Us

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The three founders of Health Pad have a real passion and commitment to helping people find ways in which they can identify the triggers and situations which increase stress and decrease their options to create health and resilience.


The exercises demonstrated in the app are based on in-depth research, and have been tested by physical therapists, yoga teachers, cognitive behavioural therapists and mindfulness practitioners.


Any confusing or unfamiliar terminology and jargon have been removed, and the simple techniques aim to help everyone maintain wellness, prevent the onset of stress-related illnesses, and also to support recovery from a period of poor physical or mental health.

Meet The Team

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When Paula was given the opportunity to join HealthPad, she was excited to get involved and work with the team to support the marketing of the app, raising awareness of their strategies through social media marketing.

Her interest was sparked following a 35-year career in the London property and law industry, when she became seriously ill with a condition, heightened by stress, which led to an interest in lifestyle change.  

She then began working for a local private psychology service because she wanted to be in a more caring environment that also gave her an understanding of mental health conditions, behaviours and the types of support available.

Paula could see that with the right tools and knowledge to identify specific thoughts, feelings, stresses and daily demands, support could be available to create a healthier more positive mindset. 

Paula also brings her skills gained from the psychology service work into HealthPad’s ethos.  




HealthPad empowers anyone to improve their own mental and physical wellbeing, regardless of age, gender or physical mobility, in an affordable, fun, positive and jargon free way using digital health technology through our app and website.



HealthPad offers an entry point to access quality information and advice, because we recognise that some people may need help with motivation, and also with planning and the implementation of wellbeing strategies to significantly improve their mental and physical health.


We at HealthPad are proud of our core values - Communication, Integrity, Quality, Diversity and Innovation.   

We are thrilled to have been awarded accreditation by Orcha, (the assessors for e-health products worldwide).  


Accreditation of digital health solutions is fundamental for their safe adoption, equipping healthcare providers and practitioners with access to health apps which meet your standards. It allows us to socially prescribe the app through GP’s and other health workers.


With only 20% of e-health products assessed worldwide we are very proud of this achievement and happy that we provide this assurance to our customers – with HealthPad you are in safe hands.    


For more information about Orcha please visit:-

This Logic Model co-created with Smartline at Exeter University provides additional information about our methodology for professionals and other interested parties.

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