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Your health is important.


These days, it seems like we're all being more 'stress tested' by life - all the time!

In work, relationships and numerous other commitments, we struggle to find enough time to fit it all in, and find few opportunities to relax and regenerate.

This can result in tiredness, anxiety, irritation and low mood.

HealthPad is an app that aims to provide clear, easy to follow strategies which enable people to better support their mental and physical well-being.

Just click on the logo below (if the video hasn't already started playing) and it will take you through the app.

It is fun, positive and jargon free. And best of all, each exercise takes only a couple of minutes to slot in to your day. The quadrants interact with each other, so you can feel the benefit of the combined techniques straight away.

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Click on the logo below to see a video description of the app

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Click on the logo below to see video description of app


‘What a great app! I have used various apps over the last few years to help me with my mental health and wellbeing, but I have found HealthPad to be the most user friendly and effective of them all.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending people to use it – I particularly like the breathing exercises – they have been really helpful to me.' NJ Kent

'Excellent!! This app allows you to fit your physical and mental well-being exercises into your usual busy schedule.  I find it so calming when stressed at work and use it to clear my mind on those hard days!  Can’t wait to see what is brought to the app in the future.' BCY Bristol

'What a fantastic app!  So easy to access because of its simplicity.  I really like the five finger focus.  Manageable bite sized chunks that you can fit in your busy schedule.  We so need things like this at the moment after living through such stressful times.'  TF Cornwall

'Just what the doctor ordered!  HealthPad does what every other well-being is trying to do but fails – keep it simple!  Such an easy to use app that brings so many benefits to mind and body.' PA Cornwall

'This app is fantastic.  It is very easy to follow and simple to use.  I am getting more aware of my body and mind and how to create the calming environment it needs.' RN Cheltenham

'I love how accessible this app is, it’s easy to use and I can fit in the exercises throughout my day.  I particularly enjoy the guided meditation and breath exercises.' RH Devon

'I love this app.  Brilliant way to keep our health on track and remind us to get out of bad habits that creep in!' AJ Cornwall

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